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We have a range of preset programs ready for you to buy. Designed for a variety of different abilities and goals. Take a look at the range below!

We have a range of specialist programs lasting 8 weeks. Some designed to improve your skills in weightlifting or gymnastics, others are strength or conditioning based - focusing on areas such as squat or rowing. 


Or train as part of a team and be held accountable by your coach and teammates!.

Specialty programs


PB your squat!

Over the course of 8 weeks, squat 2 times per week along with squat focused accessories before a max out.


PB your Snatch!

Short and sweet additional snatch sessions to improve your snatch strength and skill, before going for a PB.


Build more handstand strength!

Improve your ability upside down with this skill program which is scalable to a range of abilities.

Pull Up.png

Get your first pullup!

Build the strength and skill to get your first strict pull up with 2 sessions of practice and accessories each week.


Improve your overhead strength.

Cut out the press outs and wobbly jerks and handstands with this program.


PB your Clean & Jerk!

Simple additional sessions to build strength and refine your Clean and Jerk.


Improve your Rowing! PB your 2000m time.

Spend 20-30 mins twice a week and dramatically improve your rowing and conditioning.


Get your first strict Ring Dip!

Improve your strength and stability on the rings with 2 short skill sessions every week.


Improve your Skiing! PB your 1000m time.

Don't let the ski erg slow you down anymore! Improve your skiing ability and conditioning with this simple program.

Choose your favourite 3 and save!

Select any 3 of the above specialty programs and put them together for 1 mega program or use them to improve 3 separate areas of fitness!

If you wish to combine the programs, we will even do that for you, just let us know at tdstraining20@gmail.com.